6 Signs It’s Time for a New Roof

Your home’s roof is important. It protects your investment, adds value to your property, regulates heating and cooling and much more. But roofs do not last forever and if yours is left uncared for, it could cause significant damage to your property.

These six signs can help you determine if you are in need of a new roof:

  1. Curled Shingles
  2. When looking at the slope of your home, your shingles should lie flat on the roof. While a few cupped shingles may just need repaired or be a sign of a defect, patches of curled and damaged shingles could mean your roof is at the end of its life.

  3. Missing Shingles
  4. A few missing shingles are a common sign of wind damage and can be a quick repair, but groups of lost shingles could also be a sign that your roof needs a full replacement. As your roof ages, the shingles tend to lose their adhesive characteristic, especially the slopes facing south and west.

  5. Age
  6. Do you know when your roof was last replaced? The life of a roof varies depending on what it is made out of, but a typical asphalt roof lasts between 20-25 years. If your roof was installed over an existing layer of shingles and has experienced severe storms and other damage, it could need a replacement sooner.

  7. Water Spots
  8. The purpose of a roof is to protect your home from elements like rain, so finding interior damage like water spots can be concerning. If an inspection shows that plumbing, windows and condensation are not the culprit, it could mean your roof is damaged and leaking in one or multiple spots.

  9. Granules In Gutters
  10. When inspecting or cleaning out your gutters or downspouts, look for granules, or bits of asphalt, from your shingles. If your roof is relatively new, wind and severe storms can still cause some granules to loosen. However, if you are finding an excessive number of granules or pieces of the shingles in the gutter, it could mean your roof isn’t protecting your home as it should and might need replacing.

  11. Neighborhood Action
  12. In most neighborhoods, homes tend to be built around the same time and have experienced the same weather conditions. If you drive around and notice several of your neighbors replacing their roofs, there is a strong possibility yours may need it too.



Is your roof showing one or more of these signs? Our trusted professionals can inspect your roof to determine if a call to your homeowner’s insurance is needed and whether repairs or replacement are necessary. By working with your insurance provider, we can ensure the best possible outcome and keep you informed every step of the way.

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